Kramer & Duyvis has standardized a common configuration in detail, so that it can be used for you as a machine builder or system integrator with a competitive price and short delivery time. Despite the standardization, this configuration has some variables such as: type of gearmotor, motor position, support and side guide..


     Technical specifications:

     * Steel galvanized frame
     * Angle (outside rollers) 90°
     * Transport direction CCW or CW
     * Largest diameter pulleys 100 mm
     * Effective belt width 600 mm
     * Outside radius belt 1.200 mm
     * Position of the drive unit outside radius
     * Belt material PU black
     * Velocity (to be agreed)
     * Options: 
      - gearmotor
      - support
      - side guide





From € 3.600,-*

* The mentioned price is without gearmotor and support.