For small products in any industry.

KDZ is the most affordable 180° round conveyor in its class. If it is a clean and dry environment, the KDZ comes into its own. KDZ has standard rollers of Ø40 mm.

The maximum weight on the conveyor is approximately 35 kg. Because of the specially designed ball bearing rollers for the KDZ, the KDZ has a very low noise level even at a speed of 50 m/min. The motor position is at all times in the middle of the conveyor. Because the KDZ is driven by a friction wheel, the transport direction can very easily be switched.

Technical specifications:

  • Basic: aluminium profile
  • Transport direction: CW (clockwise) of CCW (counter clockwise)
  • Belt width: Standard 500 - 1200 mm (bigger also belongs to the possibilities)
  • Angle: 180°
  • Roller diameter: Ø40 mm
  • Iinside radius: -
  • Type of drive: friction wheel
  • Motor position: central at the outside, mounted below the belt (horizontal or vertical)
  • Velocity: max. 50 m/min (outside radius)
  • Load: max. 35 kg total load (divided)
  • Options:
    • Support
    • Side guide (fixed or adjustable)
    • Electrical control options

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