The KSB round conveyor is the most affordable round conveyor in the food industry. It is provided with a modular plastic belt with a fixed inner radius which does not require a straight entry and exit section. This results in a strong, hygienic and safe modular plastic round conveyors, without unnecessary space loss for straight sections before and after the curve.

The modular plastic belt for the KSB round conveyor is produced in 2 different fixed inner radii, namely 767 mm and 942 mm.

Chain width Inner radius 767 mm Inner radius 942 mm
225   X
325 X X
400 X  
425 X  
500 X  
525   X
650 X  
700 X  
825   X
1000 X X
1175 X  
1300 X  

Benefits of the modular plastic belt round conveyor:

  • Hygienic and compact design
  • Modular design that result in short delivery times
  • Open structure with small (5-6 mm) "finger safe" openings and therefore excellent cooling properties
  • Suitable for high speeds
  • Strong, high load, long lifetime (made out of Polyamide, blue)
  • Low maintenance, simple construction (no special tools required for maintenance and repair) 
  • Constant and perfect positioning of the transportable product

 The KSB round conveyors are standard available in 45° - 90° - 180°. Other curves are possible on request.

Technical specifications:

  • Basic stainless steel
  • Transport direction: CW (clockwise) of CCW (counter clockwise)
  • Chain width: Standard 225 - 1300 mm (see table above)
  • Angle: 45° - 90° - 180° (Other angles are possible on request)
  • Roller diameter (conical)
  • Inner radius: 767 mm or 942 mm (see table above)
  • Type of drive: Direct end drive
  • Motorreductor: SEW motorreductor 230/400V, 50 Hz, IP55
  • Motor position: Inner or outside radius
  • Belt: modular plastic belt (PA) with chrome steel pins Ø 5 mm
  • Velocity: max. 40 m/min (depending on application and model)
  • Load: max. 100 kg total load (devided, depending on application and model)
  • Options:
    • Stainless steel pins (is mainly used in wet environment or in food processing environments)
    • Plastic pins (is used in metal detection surroundings)
    • Indirect end drive with a chain or toothed belt transmission
    • Custom motorreductor
    • Driven transfer rollers
    • Driven transfer belt
    • Brush / spillage basket
    • Support
    • Side guide (fixed or adjustable)
    • Electrical control options

You can contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.