The VEHO Curve round conveyor by Kramer & Duyvis is an affordable round conveyor with a positive drive and closed surface of a quality that you can expect from Kramer & Duyvis. The belt of the VEHO Curve has a closed surface and a fixed inner radius, whereby no straight entry and exit section is required. This results in compact, strong and safe plastic modular round conveyor, without unnecessary loss of space for straight sections before and after the bend. The VEHO Curve can be used in a dry or humid industrial environment.

The plastic modular belt for the VEHO Curve round conveyor is produced in one fixed inner radius, namely 600 mm.

Chain width (mm) Inside radius (mm) Outside radius (mm) Transfer nose (mm)
200 600 800 Ø70-Ø90
400 600 1.000 Ø70-Ø110
600 600 1.200 Ø70-Ø130
800 600 1.400 Ø70-Ø150
1.000 600 1.600 Ø70-Ø170
1.200 600 1.800 Ø70-Ø190
1.400 600 2.000 Ø70-Ø210
1.600 600 2.200 Ø70-Ø230
1.800 600 2.400 Ø70-Ø250

Advantages of the plastic modular round conveyor VEHO Curve:

  • Compact design with which a solution can be offered when space is limited.
  • Modular design that results in short lead times
  • Closed surface that prevents internal contamination
  • Suitable for high speed
  • Inner radius is guided as standard with rubberized ball bearing rollers (Noise Reduced) which ensures less wear and noise at higher speeds
  • Slip-free transport
  • Strong modular belt, resistant to high loads, long service life (made of POM, blue)
  • Low maintenance and easy maintenance, simple construction (no special tools required for maintenance or repair) which ensures low downtime
  • Maintaining the positioning of the product on the surface of the belt

The VEHO Curve round conveyors are supplied as standard in the angle of 45° - 90° - 180°. Other angles are possible on request.

Technical specifications:

  • Base steel galvanized (standard)
  • Transport direction: CW (clockwise) or CCW (counter clockwise)
  • Chain width: Standard 200 - 1,800 mm (see table above)
  • Angle (center to center): 15° - 350°
  • Transitions (conical): Ø70-ØXX (see table above)
  • Inner radius: 600 mm
  • Type of drive: Direct end drive
  • Gearmotor: Unidrive gearmotor 230/400V, 50 Hz, IP55
  • Position of the gearmotor: Outside radius
  • Belt: blue plastic modular belt (FDA, material POM) with plastic pins (material POM) Ø 4.9 mm, temperature range -40°C to +80°C
  • Velocity: max. 120 m/min (outer radius)
  • Load: max. 250 kg total load (divided, depending on application and version)
  • Options:
    • Steel coated frame in desired RAL color
    • Stainless steel version (excluding bearings) (in humid conditions or applications in the food industry)
    • Stainless steel bearings
    • White Plastic Modular Belt
    • Customer-specific gearmotors such as SEW
    • Position of the gearmotor inner radius
    • Stainless steel cover over the gearmotor
    • Transfer rollers
    • Powered transition band
    • Support / legs
    • Side guide (fixed or adjustable)
    • Controls

We kindly ask you to contact us for all possibilities.