For more than 60 years now, Kramer & Duyvis has been a leading design, production and sales organisation using its specialist knowledge to operate in the world of round conveyors.

With well-equipped workshops full of the latest machinery and motivated, well-trained staff we are able to offer our customers top-quality solutions that are reliable, creative and technically innovative. We have particular expertise in the industrial, chemicals, foodstuffs and luxury foods markets.

Our activities focus on new construction of round conveyors. Transport routes are assembled wholly or partially on site by, and under the supervision of, Kramer & Duyvis.

The Kramer & Duyvis round conveyors are used extensively in a whole host of industries.

When the product is vulnerable, the capacities are high, the product orientation is important, the dimensions are very small or large, or in the case of layout technical problems, round conveyors are often used.

It was 1945. The country had been liberated, but the economy was in ruins and needed to be rebuilt. There was plenty of work, but a terrible shortage of factories and materials. The Germans had removed a lot of this and taken it to Germany.

The Kramer & Duyvis round conveyors are delivered in a whole host of industries for a variety of applications globally throught a reliable network of system integrators and OEM-ers. The Kramer & Duyvis round conveyors are placed by these system integrators and OEM-ers at the following companies: