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About Kramer & Duyvis B.V.

Kramer & Duyvis B.V. has been a leading design, production and sales organization for more than 60 years, operating with specialist knowledge in the world of round conveyors.

Kramer & Duyvis B.V., which is located in Waalwijk, is a well established and highly successful producer of curved conveyors with an enviable list of customers. Our well earned reputation for quality and reliability is maintained by our team of specialists in engineering and production, delivering curved conveyors globally through a reliable network of system integrators and OEM-ers.

At Kramer & Duyvis B.V. every order is treated with care and personal attention, we will work with you to precisely understand the environment in which the curved conveyors will be used and take the utmost care to ensure your requirements are interpreted correctly. The curved conveyors will then be assembled based on the agreed configuration.

With well-equipped workshops full of the latest machinery and motivated, well-trained staff we are able to offer our customers top-quality curved conveyors that are reliable and technically innovative.

For Kramer & Duyvis B.V. every order is unique!


Company building for the production of curved conveyors
Because of our expertise, flexibility and entering into long-term partnerships, Kramer & Duyvis is the reliable partner with a focus on the production and delivery of good quality curved conveyors.

Our sales team

Wouter Hoogstraten
Wouter Hoogstraten
Roel van Delft
Roel van Delft
Bram Foesenek
Bram Foesenek
André Huijgen
André Huijgen

References and market segments

Curved conveyor at a beer brewery
Round conveyor at a packer in the fresh produce industry
Curved belt conveyor in the chocolate industry
Curved conveyor in the printing industry

The Kramer & Duyvis round conveyors are used extensively in a whole host of industries.

When the product is vulnerable, the capacities are high, the product orientation is important, the dimensions are very small or large, or in the case of layout technical problems, round conveyors are often used.

Kramer & Duyvis round conveyors are used for a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  • automotive industry
  • bakery industry
  • brick industry
  • chemical industry
  • chocolate industry
  • cosmetic industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • furniture industry
  • glass wool industry
  • cheese industry
  • plastic industry
  • logistic systems
  • airport industry
  • poultry industry
  • tobacco industry
  • packaging industry
  • food industry
  • horticulture


It was 1945. The country had been liberated, but the economy was in ruins and needed to be rebuilt. There was plenty of work, but a terrible shortage of factories and materials. The Germans had removed a lot of this and taken it to Germany.
History of curved conveyors factory in Zaandam

The technical school in 1932, which had just moved from the Herengracht to the Westzijde

Group photo of personnel in the curved belt conveyor factory in Zaandam

Group photo on the fifth anniversary on 18 March 1951 with Jan Duyvis, Piet Kramer, Berend Kingma (back row, 2nd from left) and Jaap Mooij (middle row, 4th from the right)

Piet Kramer and Jan Duyvis were colleagues at the Buhrs machine factory. In the evenings, they started up a supply business using a machine in the cellar of the flat rented by Kramer. Their core activity was producing hat presses and making improvements to boilers, presses and other machines. They had been able to buy many of the machines they needed cheaply from the discarded munitions site on the Hem Bridge. On 18 March 1946 Kramer and Duyvis took the plunge and started up their own company. They hired the coal shed of the ice factory on Oud Saenden for 10 guilders a week.
Curve belt conveyor factory in 1946

Oud Saenden ice factory (with name board) and coal shed

Lathe in the circular belt conveyor factory

Nice lathe from Joop Geenen in the ice factory

The established owners of machine factories took up arms against this new competitor and demanded that they be closed down. With a lot of bluff and persistence, the two were able to obtain an exemption and ultimately get a licence. But first, Kramer had to appear before the Ministry of Social Affairs and go to court.
Freesbank in de bochtband fabriek

Jan Deurholt staat aan een freesbank een as te bewerken

Werkplaats bochtband fabriek

Aan het werk in de nieuwe fabriek

Niet lang na de opening komen de eerste knechten – ook oud-collega’s – in dienst. Dat betekende wel dat er ook een constante stroom aan werk moest zijn. Die kwam met het binnenhalen van Bruynzeel. Met het vaste reparatie en constructiewerk voor dit goed betalende bedrijf – offertes waren niet nodig – groeide K&D naar 9 mensen in 1948 tot maar liefst 19 mensen in 1951. In de daarop volgende 5 jaar volgde nog een verdubbeling van het personeel naar 30 man. K&D was een grote speler geworden. Ook de diversiteit aan werkzaamheden werd alsmaar groter: suikersilo’s, afzuiginstallaties, naaimachines (!), opslagtanks, droogovens, blikinpakmachines, curvenschijven etc. etc. Nog meer grote Zaanse opdrachtgevers dienden zich aan zoals Cacao de Zaan, Verkade, Albert Heijn en LUM (het huidige Forbo).

In 1960 word het jasje alweer te klein en betrok K&D een pand van maar liefst 1500 m² aan de mauritsstraat. In de loop der jaren gaat Kramer & Duyvis zich naast andere specialiteiten zoals het curvendraaien steeds meer toeleggen op transportsystemen. Jaar na jaar worden de diverse producten en procedés uitgebreid en verbetert. Een letterlijk hoogstandje zijn de zogenaamde wenteltransporteurs tot wel 8 meter hoog, die op locatie geassembleerd moeten worden.
Revolving conveyor or spiral conveyor from Kramer & Duyvis

A spiral conveyor is assembled using a crane truck.

At the start of the 1980s, at least 350 circular conveyors were being developed for clients per year. A number that was to grow. Kramer & Duyvis has been located in Waalwijk since 2015 and is today one of the largest specialized manufacturers of curved conveyors in the Netherlands.