Round conveyor Type KDZ

Curved conveyors Type KDZ

KDZ (Kramer & Duyvis without inner radius) is the most economical 180° circular conveyor in its class. If it is continuous transport and it concerns a clean and dry environment, the KDZ curved conveyor comes into its own.
Curved belt conveyor Type KDZ

Application conditions

In order to use the curved conveyor Type KDZ, your application must meet the following conditions in order to guarantee a long service life:

Environment: Dry and clean

Load: Max. 35 kg

Speed: Max. 50 m/min (in the outer radius)

Start/stops: Max. 4 start/stops per hour

The KDZ has a standard frame of aluminum profile, cylindrical transfers of Ø40 mm and no inner radius. The cylindrical transfer of Ø40 mm is ideal for a good transfer to a straight belt conveyor.

Because of the specially designed ball bearing rollers for the KDZ, the KDZ has a very low noise level even at a speed of 50 m/min. The motor position is at all times in the middle of the conveyor. Because the KDZ is driven by a friction wheel, the transport direction can very easily be switched. The KDZ has no limitation in turning clockwise (CW) or counterclockwise (CCW).

Technical specifications

  • Basic: Aluminium profile with a closed steel driving surface
  • Transport Direction: CW (clockwise) or CCW (counter clockwise)
  • Belt width: Standard 500 - 1.100 mm
  • Angle: 180°
  • Roller diameter: Ø40 mm (cylindrical)
  • Inside radius: None
  • Type of drive: Direct end drive with a friction wheel
  • Motor position: Central at the outside radius, mounted below the belt (gearmotor vertical)
  • Speed: Max. 50 m/min in the outer radius
  • Gearmotor: Standard 3x230/400V, 50 Hz, IP55
  • Belt material: Choice of various brands, materials and colors
  • Belt guide: By means of rubberized ball bearing rollers mounted on the outside of the belt material
  • Options:
    • Other brand or configuration of the gearmotor
    • Support / legs
    • Side guide (fixed or adjustable)
    • Electrical control options

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Curved belt Conveyor Type KDZ in the Packaging Industry

Online 3D configurator

The K&D Configurator 360 aims to quickly configure 3D models of curved conveyors and download them to use in your own 3D designs. The 3D models can be downloaded as a STEP, SAT or 3D DWG file.
3D configurator for curved belt conveyor Type KDZ

Example of the Type KDC and KDZ in logistics: