Round conveyor Type VEHO

Curve conveyors Type VEHO Curve

The VEHO Curve round conveyor from Kramer & Duyvis is a circular conveyor with positive drive and closed belt of a quality that you are used to from Kramer & Duyvis.
Curve belt conveyor Type VEHO Curve

Application conditions

In order to use the curved conveyor Type VEHO Curve, your application must meet the following conditions to guarantee a long service life:

Environment: Dry to humid and clean to slightly polluting

Load: Max. 250 kg

Speed: Max. 120 m/min (in the outer radius)

Roller diameter: Conical Ø63 - Ø202 mm

The VEHO Curve has a closed plastic modular belt with a fixed inner radius that does not require a straight entry and exit section. This results in compact, strong and safe plastic modular round conveyor, without unnecessary loss of space for straight sections before and after the curve.

The plastic modular belt for the VEHO Curve round conveyor is produced in one fixed inner radius, namely 600 mm.

Belt width (mm) Inner radius (mm) Outer radius (mm) Conical roller diameter (mm)
200 600 800 Ø63-Ø80
400 600 1.000 Ø63-Ø97
600 600 1.200 Ø63-Ø115
800 600 1.400 Ø63-Ø132
1.000 600 1.600 Ø63-Ø150
1.200 600 1.800 Ø63-Ø167
1.400 600 2.000 Ø63-Ø185
1.600 600 2.200 Ø63-Ø202

Advantages of the plastic modular round conveyor Type VEHO Curve:

  • Compact design with which a solution can be offered when space is limited
  • Modular design that results in short lead times
  • Closed surface that prevents internal contamination
  • Suitable for high speed
  • Inner radius is guided as standard with rubberized ball bearing rollers (Noise Reduced) which ensures less wear and noise at higher speeds
  • Slip-free transport
  • Strong modular belt, resistant to high loads, long service life
  • Low maintenance and easy maintenance, simple construction (no special tools required for maintenance or repair) which ensures low downtime
  • Maintaining the positioning of the product on the surface of the belt

Technical specifications

  • Basic: Steel galvanized (standard)
  • Transport direction: CW (clockwise) or CCW (counter clockwise)
  • Belt width: Standard 200 - 1.600 mm
  • Angle: 15°- 180° (standards 30 - 45° -60° - 90° - 180°)
  • Roller diameter: Ø63 - Ø202 mm (conical)
  • Inner radius: 600 mm
  • Type of drive: Direct end drive
  • Motor position: Outer radius
  • Speed: Max. 120 m/min in the outer radius
  • Gearmotor: Standard 3x230/400V, 50 Hz, IP55
  • Belt material: Blue plastic modular belt (FDA, material Low friction acetal) with plastic pins (material PBT) Ø 5 mm, temperature range -40°C to +65°C
  • Options:
    • Steel coated frame
    • Stainless steel version
    • Other inside radius: 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800 and 2000 mm
    • Other brand or configuration of the gearmotor
    • Transfer rollers
    • Motor position inner radius
    • Support / legs
    • Side guide (fixed or adjustable)
    • Electrical control options

You can contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Detail of round conveyor Type VEHO Curve

Online 3D configurator

The K&D Configurator 360 aims to quickly configure 3D models of curved conveyors and download them to use in your own 3D designs. The 3D models can be downloaded as a STEP, SAT or 3D DWG file.
3D Configurator of Curve Conveyor Type VEHO Curve

Example of the Type VEHO Curve with various products: